Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Idea's for generating e-mail adresses

A growing list of idea's to generate e-mail adressses. I constantly add new idea's. It is never a complete list, much more idea's available.

Give a (digital) incentive in return for an e-mail adress This can be a magazine (PDF) , a discount at the (first) order etc. Can usually be easily implemented due at a confirmation page or the registration confirmation e-mail.
Outlet store behind walled garden Start an outlet store with cheaper products. Show a few products but to see more people need to register.
Order confirmation In your e-mail order confirmation e-mail make a variable part. People who placed an order but are not subscribed to the newsletter will see an extra motivation to subscribe. This can of course also work out in other service e-mails that are sent out. In printed order confirmation ask for an e-mail adress to sent service mails by e-mail and commercial emails.
Co-branding Co-Branding is still a way to generate e-mail adresses. However will most likely be more regulated by law. Best to start a branding campaign yourself.
Banner newsletter Still very often forgotten. Place the newsletter subscribtion more prominent at your site and make it clear what the advantages of subscribing are.
Webinar Give an online webinar about the services or products you sell. Of course only accesible when registring. When you offer services this is more common.
Social Media Social Media (especially when connected with an API) can provide you many e-mail adresses. Alternatively put a newsletter subscribtion page at your social media pages.
Mobile app Start a mobile app. When downloading an app from the Android of Apple markets you will get quality e-mail adresses!
Interactive Banner Bannering at external websites with a form where e-mail adresses can be entered (watch out for misuse)
Parcels Put a ticket in the parcel or delivered good where you refer to a sweepstake (enter code and win) or another price question online.
Parcels II Put a paper in the parcel with extra explanation about the goods or services that are delivered. Refer to extra information online (like tutorials etc). Of course available only when registred.
Extra signup positions Extra newsletter signup banners or positions at other places then the homepage at your website
Contact moments Check all your (offline) contact moments and refer where possible to the newsletter
Viral Marketing application Try to get viral with for example an "advice" tool. (depending on the products or services you sell)
Interactive print advertisement. Make an interactive print commercial in magazines. Ask people to put the phone at the magazine and find a way to also use the newsletter in this contact moment.
Advertorials This still works: advertorials in other newsletters (in the same branche)
Affliate marketing Use affiliate marketing to get extra e-mail adresses. Pay a fee per e-mail adress. But be aware of misuese
Make pre-filled banners Make pre-filled banners at your website when people are logged in, so they only have to press "subscribe".
Content Put some content before , but also some content after a registration page. Content is getting more and more important, so this might be a very valuable idea. 
Catalogue If you have a catalogue or printed material, refer to the newsletter for more actual offers and different products.
Games Try to use agency's like Zylom for using games to generate e-mail adresses
Youtube Use youtube or other video sites for promoting your newsletter. Does not have to be the main objective of the video.
Customer Service and sales teams Use contact moments from customer service and sales teams to generate e-mail adresses
Segmentation Give the option to chose for multiple or custom made newsletters
Pull Marketing Give samples of products in return for e-mail adresses 

Nice infographic about the difficulty of generating e-mail adresses per type:

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