Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Social Media Inspiring video's part I

Social Media inspiring video's

A collection of inspiring social media case study's and facts.

Nice example of how to get people talking about your brand online, withouth any advertising and with co-sponsors. Great case study about Norway.

 Real nice case study from Romania. Making your brand "hip" and "popular" again with social media. Get the buzz going.

This is why service is so important and can make a difference, offline and in the digital (social) era.

The well known social media promo: social media revolution 2011

A lifetime at facebook. So many contact moments in a person's lifetime at facebook.

Burger King : unfriend a friend for a free Burger...

Tweet and receive your own personalised Youtube christmas message!

The world of social media in 2011

Offer something priceless (the best job in the world). US$ 1.2. million budget gets over US$ 150 million media coverage

Air New Zealand. Find friends and buy a unique experience!

Of course KLM is doing a great job on social media so one example from KLM must be in this list:

How non profit organisations could have benefit from social media:

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