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The Effortless Experience: Book Review

We all know the stories about Zappo' or Dutch and their extreme focus at customer service. The stories are often very inspiring and motivating (for marketers and customer service professionals). After reading these stories, I often get very much motivated to use these experiences in my daily job. But not all companies can differentiate with such extreme customer service. W hat if the holy grail of service for many companies is not customer delight, but customer relief?  It's always good to see things from a different perspective.  Besides that, to have a great customer experience (and conversion) in your digital channels you have to understand customer service!  So I decided to buy a book about customer experience. " The effortless experience "  by Nick Toman and Rick Delisi. I've read it and below a short summary of my findings combined with my personal opinion and the relation with digital. First the book starts with asking the question:

E-commerce strategy and third party advertising - the pro's and con's

Many company's who are into e-commerce, sooner or later will ask themselves the question "is it an advantage or disadvantage for us to promote our products at third party websites like Amazon, Ebay or local variants"? This question is not so easy to answer. It really depends per organization, but we tried to establish a list with pro's and con's. You have to remember that the philosophy of many of the real large "third party" marketplaces like Amazon, Rakuten, E-bay, is that they expect, that in a few years time there will be only a few real large webshops available for the mainstream products. They are tend to be one of them! They need your product feed to establish that! The position of third party advertising in your e-commerce strategy? Pro's (why sent your product feed to a third party webshop) Reach Third party webshops usually have an enormous reach! Millions of people search for a product and because of price of reputation