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International Digital Marketing Information April 2012

I am reading some international digital marketing information this saturday afternoon and I summarize some interesting links below. Europe is still busy thinking about the new European Cookie law . A law that will have a big impact at the online industry this and next year. A big test case will be the United Kingdom, where the law will get into force at the 26th of may. Other countries will follow later. A lot of things are still very unclear  and most likely we will see a big increase of the use of pop up screens or lightboxes asking for certain cookies consent. Mr Dave Evans from the ICO gave a little more explanation and the good news is, that if you use first party analytic cookies you might be left alone, if you inform your users well. Europe is still not a single e-commerce market, so differences between countries are common. A new e-commerce lobby group called " ecommerce-europe " has started and one of their goals is to optimize Europe's e-commerce. I hop

Email marketing AirAsia

A few days ago, I received an email from AirAsia . I like AirAsia, and I hope to fly with them soon again. But the email I received, is in my opinion difficult to understand for the subscribers. Apparently they changed their "sender e-mail address" and they try to improve their sender reputation and to prevent getting in their subscribers "spam folders". In this case, the e-mail is not clear and could be improved in my opinion. Why should a general subscriber of their email marketing programme care about AirAsia changing their sender e-mail address?  I think the most people that receive this e-mail do not understand a thing about email deliverability.  An e-mail " sender address"  is something else then changing the "e-mail address"  as it suggests. Why didn't they provide a link to a landingpage where they explain how to add this address to the "safe sender's list" for the most popular e-mail clients? This can even b

The world's best airports : how do they perform online?

The worlds best airports in 2011 are (according to this website) the ones described below. I decided to take the first 3 and Schiphol, this saturdaymorning, to do a short quick review. I took Schiphol because I am Dutch and I visit the airport a lot. That's the only reason. I think they can improve also a lot in their online and multichannel communication. Airports are nice, they are always busy, you can do a lot in multi channel communication to optimize the user experience and a lot is written about airports at the web. So by listening to the visitors of your airport you can optimize your services and give the best possible airport experience to the visitors. Unfortunately not all of the best airports in the world have a good digital communications strategy. This is the list of world's best airports in 2011: 1) Hong Kong International Airport 2) Singapore Changi Airport 3) Incheon International Airport 4) Munich Airport 5) Beijing Capital International Airport 6)

6 reports about global digital marketing

6 Reports about global digital marketing. Sometimes reports can come in handy. Especially for market research or writing an online strategy. I summarized a few interesting reports about international digital marketing. Most of the reports described can be downloaded free of charge. If not an extensive summary can be downloaded. 1. Nielsen: Global Trust in Advertising. This report  writes about all forms of digital advertising and the trust people give to these forms of advertising. Differences between continents are described. We read that in the middle east and Africa, people trust mobile text ads, much more then the global average. Maybe this is because mobile internet penetration is higher in these regions due to in some cases absense of fixed landlines. As I described earlier , especially the Chinese are very fond of user recommendations and especially from people they know. Also online video advertisements are more trustworthy for the Asia Pacific region then the global a

Basic steps for a SEO quickscan

The following steps are just some basic guidelines for a SEO  quick scan. But following these steps will give you a basic status of your sites SEO performance. When analyzing search results, always make sure you are logged out of your Google account and your cookies history is clean. Always remember: Google indexes pages and not websites. Your internal link structure is very important as well as each page and the backlinks to pages. Technical SEO First of all start with installing the SEOMOZ toolbar for FireFox or Chrome. It has lot's of SEO tools integrated. Check how many pages are indexed in Google. Can roughly be checked by using the command "site" in the major search engines. E.g. . Try it with and without www. Right under the search bar you will see the indexed pages from this domain. Also in the SEOMOZ toolbar is a possibility to check the indexed pages. Is the website using frames? The usage of frames is not adviced . I