Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Cross Border E-commerce 2014

I wish everybody a happy , healthy and especially a great cross border e-commerce and marketing year.
I have combined a few presentations about digital trends for 2014 in this combined slideshare presentation so everybody can keep up with the trends and be prepared for a great digital 2014!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cultural differences, marketing and management

Just because it is such an interesting subject, a short video about cultural dilemma's, management and marketing.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 30 world's most attractive e-commerce countries

It is almost 2014. So, one of my last posts this year about 2013 figures.. But an interesting post!

ATKearney released an interesting report a few weeks ago. The so called "Global retail e-commerce index 2013".For everybody who is interested in cross border marketing and e-commerce, this is a must read report. Very useful for those who are busy with a global e-commerce strategy.
The report ranks the top 30 countries for their online market attractiveness and it explains differences in e-commerce approach for a few major e-commerce countries.

China tops the report, as ATKearny expect China e-commerce to explode in the next few years, thanks to improvements in infrastructure, urbanisation and the increase in consumption inside China. This article for example explains a path to a consumer led grow in China and explains about improving consumer protection (and thus more trust in online sales)

China tops list of top 30 e-commerce countries

AtKearney describes three groups of e-commerce markets in their report:
  • Digital DNA markets
Countries that have digital and e-commerce in their DNA. High technology adoption rates and a very mature e-commerce market. Don't forget they might have a very different approach (due to possibilities) for e-commerce even compared to the "Established and growing markets". On my travels in for example Japan and Hong Kong I saw a really different way of doing online business compared to Western-Europe.
  • The Next generation markets
“Consumer online practices in those countries are well developed, but each of these markets lacks one of the big three capabilities—Internet accessibility, logistical infrastructure, or financial systems. Developing these capabilities (as each of these markets is working hard to do) will quickly make these countries critical e-
commerce targets for global retailers,”
  • Established and Growing markets
Established and Growing markets, have high Internet penetration and use. However, there is still considerable room for growth in these markets. Markets like the USA and Canada or Western-Europe.

Developing Countries

Interesting is that developing countries are extremely rapid in adapting to e-commerce. Consumers are less tied to traditional retail then in developed countries. Often e-commerce via mobile devices is much more common then in developed countries. This report (e-commerce in developing countries) from the world trade organisation has more details.

Smaller countries and e-commerce

It's always nice to see the potential that ecommerce has in smaller countries with a high GDP. Often these countries are skipped in expanding online business abroad, but there are huge possibilities, consumers are very online mature, but also expect webshops to be mature. Match their expectations! Offer excellent service, provide exciting online offers and be sophisticated.
The average order value in these countries is high. Think about countries like Norway, Hong Kong, Singapore, all high at the global ecommerce list and most of them marked by ATkearney as countries with a "Digital DNA".

Answers for your Digital Strategy

According to the report in any globalization strategy, these questions have to be asked:
  • How big is the market
  • How fast is the market growing
  • How do consumers behave within the market
  • Is there sufficient infrastructure in place to deliver the online consumer promise

The report answers with this figure:

Ecommerce growth potential per online market group
I would have expected, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and maybe even Germany a little bit more to the right.

Download the complete report here. Or read it via slideshare below:

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