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Happy Cross Border E-commerce 2014

I wish everybody a happy , healthy and especially a great cross border e-commerce and marketing year. I have combined a few presentations about digital trends for 2014 in this combined slideshare presentation so everybody can keep up with the trends and be prepared for a great digital 2014!! Combined Presentations: Digital marketing trends 2014 , social media trends, consumer trends, ecommerce trends 2014 from Alex Baar

Cultural differences, marketing and management

Just because it is such an interesting subject, a short video about cultural dilemma's, management and marketing.

Top 30 world's most attractive e-commerce countries

It is almost 2014. So, one of my last posts this year about 2013 figures.. But an interesting post! ATKearney  released an interesting report a few weeks ago. The so called "Global retail e-commerce index 2013".For everybody who is interested in cross border marketing and e-commerce, this is a must read report. Very useful for those who are busy with a global e-commerce strategy. The report ranks the top 30 countries for their online market attractiveness and it explains differences in e-commerce approach for a few major e-commerce countries. China tops the report, as ATKearny expect China e-commerce to explode in the next few years, thanks to improvements in infrastructure, urbanisation and the increase in consumption inside China. This article for example explains a path to a consumer led grow in China and explains about improving consumer protection (and thus more trust in online sales) China tops list of top 30 e-commerce countries AtKearney describes three g