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Book review: kloteklanten 3.0 --> Damn those Customers 3.0 --> how do you become the most customer friendly organisation?

Usually I post screenshots and short summary's of books I read here at this blog, just for my own convenience, if I need to review something I can quickly find the things I need. Of course if I like these reads, others might also find it useful so that's also why I share it. Sometimes I make extensive summary's and sometimes just some "picture screenshots". Currently I am reading the book "Kloteklanten 3.0" roughly translated as 'Damn those customers 3.0" written by Egbert Jan van Bel, the author also lectures at Beeckestijn Business School and he has inspired me a lot when I attended his classes a few years ago. Don't be fooled by the title of the book. It is a real inspirational book about customer centricity. The subtitle of the book is: how to become the most customer friendly business of the Netherlands. The book is in Dutch, and as I usually write in English at this blog, I will roughly translate some pages since this is a good

Technology in daily life in China : a view from an expat

Since january 2018, I live and work now in Shanghai, China. Of course I had traveled to China a lot before, but now living here, makes you really experience life in China. I am really happy I got the opportunity to work here for a great company. I am learning so many new things, enjoying China and I let myself be amazed everyday by the technology and transportation advantage they have here. It is so impressive, they are way ahead of Europe and even the US. Here in China, I really experience how technology and design thinking can make life much more easier. Alipay Take a look at Alipay, an app, I use almost every day and this app makes life so much more easy for me.I will explain some functions I use regularly. Screenshot of my Alipay app In the Netherlands (or Europe) we are used paying with "debit cards'' or sometimes a credit card. Here in China, I also have a debit bank card. But I used it only once and that was for connecting my bank account to Alipay