Friday, October 16, 2015

Book review: Alibaba's world by Porter Erisman

I am currently on holiday and then I take time to read a few books. One of them is the book “Alibaba’s world” written by Porter Erisman. Funny now I write this down, I realise “Porter” is his first name. While reading the book, I constantly thought that everybody called him Porter just by his last name..:)

Reading the book Alibaba's world from Porter Erisman
Reading the book together with my friend, the seagull

I decided to buy this book because I am interested in international e-commerce especially the Chinese and eastern e-commerce developments as this is where innovation is coming from.

The book starts off with an introduction about Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba. When China opened up and foreigners visited China, Jack was curious and started to talk with them. This is how he learned English and how the world beyond China look liked.
For another job, Jack was sent to Seattle and one of his friends introduced him to the internet. Jack searched for the word “China” but there were no results. Jack said “This is something interesting, if we can take companies in China and make a homepage for them, this could be something big”!

So Jack went to China and set up China’s first internet company. China pages. Some kind of dictionary, like there were a lot back then. It had some success and this is how he got connected to the government helping small business with e-commerce. Jack wanted to empower Chinese companies with e-commerce and not control them, like the government wanted. He started Alibaba to do so.

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