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My collection of digital marketing infographics

The last few weeks, I started to collect interesting infographics and images about (international) digital marketing. My collection starts getting into shape. I am planning to make a few infographics myself also the next few weeks. My Pinterest board now has infographics about: Traditional Marketing vs New Marketing . An infographic about the change from push to earned marketing. Of course this is changing the landscape at this moment, but in some cases traditional marketing remains valuable. Facebook's Timeline tutorial . An infographic with some advice about how to setup your new facebook page for organisations.  A social media triage  This one can be very helpful if you try to setup a plan for your company about how to respond at social media. Every case is unique, so also needs to be treated this way. But this infographic gives some guidelines for the people that deal with the comments posted at social media in the first line.  Sometimes explaining is so easy wi

Differences in international webdesign and usability

International Website Design is more then just translating. (but if you translate do it correct otherwise you keep on closing a shower door) I am wondering about international usability and design, so I decided to do some research.Differences in design and usability in various countries can make or break a site. Of course people are the same world over and the main usability guidelines remain the same. However there are country specific things to take into account that can make your site work better in specific countries. With the emerging markets rapidly growing and the global aspects of internet, it is critical to understand the differences of your international customers. In a few European website projects, the biggest problems in the fields of usability and design were the following points. Character problems in on site search engine and the connected emails used for email marketing. Special characters necessary for some languages gave problems in displaying. Display of