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Building trust in European Ecommerce: what to do?

As everybody knows, there is by far not a single ecommerce market in Europe. There are so many differences between countries that online shopping between EU countries is still not done much. It is shocking if you know that about 57 % of the EU consumers buy something online, but only 9 % of the people has ever bought something online across his country of living. The EU also noticed that and wrote a framework to build more trust. The document is called: A coherent framework for building trust in the Digital Single Market for e-commerce  and online service According to the EU commission there are five main obstacles to the digital single market, below I shortly describe them, with my own comments. 1) The supply of legal, cross border online services is still inadequate. This of course is very true. There are lot's of differences between EU countries on very simple things like the return policy, cookies, profiling and for example the mentioning of the director of a co

Norwegian Newsletter Signup Profiling

This is how you add profiles to your prospects for better targeting email marketing. A good example from Norwegian . Make signing up for the newsletter very easy (just an email address) and ask additional questions at the confirmation page. Just pressing save updated my preferences. I accidently closed the browser window, but then I could not update my profile by signing in again. This can be improved by for example by adding the possibility to update profile data by sending an e-mail with this possibility. Also I would suggest to make it possible to update profile data from within the confirmation email (that I still have not received). Especially with these travel related subscriptions, sent a follow up e-mail immediately with a small incentive with for traveling from these preferred airports.

Example Booking Confrimation Air Asia

Example from an email booking confirmation from AirAsia . Quite empty visually, layout not optimized for mobile, no social sharing possibilities, no cross and or upsell no follow up campaign etc. And there is a PDF attached, multiple pages, but almost all pages are partly filled.

Digital Advertising part 1

I browsed the web, in search of information for the future of (display) advertising. Some ineresting links below.   Trends (and I am very enthousiastic about that) are that creativity and content will get even more important then it already is and the user's will have much more influence at the ad's he or she see's or  even more important, shares. But altough internet advertising, still seems fragmented with: email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, retargeting, affiliatemarketing etc. All these channels will integrate and will have influence at each other.  The article below is not complete, there are many other forms of online advertising. But these are just some links and opinions that I found interesting. Video advertising It's obvious that with the rise of mobile devices and the increasing popularity of online video, advertising will go " cross channel ". It's not only a banner that is displayed via an ad network