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The Noon Nopi framework for global marketing

 This post is in draft and is regularly updated Recently I read a book and did a course on the Noon Nopi framework. It is a framework that can be used for global marketing (although main focus is Asia). If you think that it is interesting, buy the book .  I will place some screenshots in this post and a short explanation as for my own reference, but it might be useful for others as well.  Noon Nopi is Korean. It means "eye level" and that is exactly what this is about. Marketing is simply defined as the matching of eye levels between two or more parties. It can be external or internal. A product or service can be : Under Noon Nopi Fail to live up customer expectations (quality for example) Over Noon Nopi Over estimate customer expectations. May lead to over pricing This is always applicable in marketing but especially in international marketing. Make sure you have the correct "Noon Nopi", when you market abroad. A Noon Nopi should be described in around 5 words. ASE