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Experiences and retail in Tokyo and Shanghai

I traveled back to Shanghai recently, to visited friends & former collegues. I combined it with a short trip to Tokyo and Osaka in Japan. Of course I also took pictures and videos from retail locations. This time I did a little less focus on the online commerce as I did that before already.  Earlier I wrote a few posts on LinkedIn on this trip. This blog post is a combination of those LinkedIn posts with some additional context and pictures. It will be a long post with many pictures and some videos, so be prepared to scroll down. China Shanghai It was very nice to be back in China again and a pleasure to use their advanced fintech and payment technology. It makes retail so much more fun. It took a bit of work to get it working as a tourist this time, but I managed to get both Alipay and WeChat pay working again.There is really some improvement needed here, to get that more working more easily for tourists. The first hotel I stayed at, already had some technology I didn't see