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A collection of order confirmation, transactional and order shipment emails

For a project about the customer journey, I am collecting some "order confirmation e-mails, transactional e-mails and order shipment e-mails". I decided to publish them here as well. Might be convenient for others also do get some inspiration. These are just email examples I either received myself or found at the internet. Most of them are quite boring. Still so many possibilities for organisations to improve the customer experience with these high open rate e-mails/contact moments. I wonder if email stays important as a confirmation medium. We will see in 1 year from now. Social shopping or selling through wechat or whatsapp might change this all. Whatsapp for example does not even has my email adress in their settings. Blogger (where this blog is hosted) has no advanced image view possibility, so I am sorry about that. Just click at an image and the larger size image will open. Deal Extreme Shipping Confirmation Deal Extreme Order confirmation Example