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Crossborder e-commerce reports

Usually I publish the "cross border e-commerce" reports, I run into at the internet at either my  twitter  account or my  slideshare  account. But sometimes it is convenient to have a summary of direct downloads. So, some direct downloads, just because it is almost Christmas :) Forrester released a report (paid by metapack) about the relation between delivery options and e-commerce success in France, UK and Germany. A download via my dropbox here . I discovered that Pitney Bowes often has interesting reports and white papers. This one is a document that helps US retailers to reach consumers around the globe. But it is not only interesting for US retailers. For everybody who wants to understand customer and e-commerce differences around the world this is a useful document. It gives differences per country in purchase behavior and other localisation considerations. A direct download via my dropbox here Shop the world from DHL is a great 339 (! th

Book review: The Amazon Way

I am reading the book " The Amazon Way , 14 leadership principles behind the wolrd's most disruptive company". I am not going to write down all 14 principles, just buy the book if you are interested in that. The book is well written and you can read it in a few hours. I just shortly summarize a few phrases from the book, that I find interesting.  Reading the book is a bit ambivalent, while when I was visiting Amazon in Germany, earlier this year, I did not recognize the open and innovative culture, the book describes.  However, the book is a motivator for anybody who is creative, customer centric and e-commerce and trend driven.  Long before the the complete vision of Amazon was ready, these two principles is where it all started from. When a company makes a customer unhappy, she won't tell a friend, or two, or three....she will tell many, many more and The beste customer service is "no" customer service, because the beste experience