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Retailconcepts: the integration of on and offline with retail experiences

I visited London the past few days. Only 45 minutes of flying but a totally different retail landscape than here in the Netherlands. Much nicer actually. Luckily there was at least some Dutch influence that I noticed :) Some (important) Dutch influence in the London retail and restaurant market, luckily :) Below just a few pictures from a few shops I visited. Shopping can be nice! the interesting and very nice British furniture retailer that started in 2010 and is one of the high growth technology companies in the UK. I follow them online now for a while and I think they are doing a great job. So when I was walking through SoHo in London, I noticed their brick and mortar flagship store and I decided to take a look. It is always fun to visit shops from companies that started online and now go offline. Interesting to see how they mix on-and offline. And did a very nice job! As you enter the store you will find a desk where you can grab a tablet that you ca