Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Retailconcepts: the integration of on and offline with retail experiences

I visited London the past few days. Only 45 minutes of flying but a totally different retail landscape than here in the Netherlands. Much nicer actually.
Luckily there was at least some Dutch influence that I noticed :)

Some (important) Dutch influence in the London retail and restaurant market, luckily :)
Below just a few pictures from a few shops I visited. Shopping can be nice!

Made.com the interesting and very nice British furniture retailer that started in 2010 and is one of the high growth technology companies in the UK. I follow them online now for a while and I think they are doing a great job. So when I was walking through SoHo in London, I noticed their brick and mortar flagship store and I decided to take a look.

It is always fun to visit shops from companies that started online and now go offline. Interesting to see how they mix on-and offline.
And Made.com did a very nice job!

As you enter the store you will find a desk where you can grab a tablet that you can use to get extra information at the articles displayed. Simply touch the tablet at everywhere were you see the "+" sign and you get extra information. To get the device working, you have to enter your e-mail adress. I did not see they asked for an e-mail opt-in at this stage (I would have done that), but you got to register with e-mail. (why not social sign ons as well?).

And I suggest to write at this desk, where you grab your tablet (see picture below) also that once returned, the device resets automatically, so no personal details are available at the devices and someone else is free to use.

Grab your tablet to connect on and offline in Made.com's shop in SoHo

After the sign on (submitting your e-mail adress) you will see this screen as shown below. The device explains how it works. 
You can e-mail your favorite products to yourself, so you can buy then online at a later stage or further on in the shop (see below). 
I am curious if they also connect my flagship store "touch" behaviour to their website product display.
So meaning that if I login online at a later stage at the made.com webshop, they will show me the products that I "touched" in the shop, but I could not test that correctly. Would be an idea though. Or to use it in e-mail marketing for example or in social marketing.

The made.com tablet you can use to get additional information about the products shown in their brick and mortar store and this is how they connect on and offline.

This is how the spots look like, where you can touch the tablet. Every product that is displayed has such a spot where you can connect with your tablet.

+ Marks the spot for Made.Com's connection between on and offline
And once touched (I had to touch 3 times) but once or twice or three time touch, the device starts with all information about the product displayed.
Additional products are displayed at "virtual walls". You see this everywhere in their shop.

What I really like from made.com is their online "unboxed" section. Customers that have made.com products can display them at a special community. So you can see how the products look like at other customers. Customers can connect to each other via this platform. Perfect!  You can comment and even look for customers with made.com products near your house! They also advertise this in their flagship store and encourage to be social active with made.com in their shop. It builds trust! I did not see it, but maybe nice to display a (live) carroussel of the user generated content from their community in their brick and mortar shop. 

Also in the made.com shop, you can order the products you saw or "touched" , directly via the desktop yourself.

As I walked on in London I suddenly spotted this sign, with "Boxpark Pop up Mall". I saw a popup mall in Las Vegas recently, and I was very enthousiastic about that concept, so I decided to walk on....

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