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Book Review: The Xiaomi Way: Customer engagement strategies that built one of the largest smartphone companies in the world

What motivates me in work are a lot of things, but currently especially the following aspects are very motivating for me: Using user feedback into digital media (websites/devices), to really get this interaction with users. To find out what is working but also what to improve, and to understand why users do not buy! (and to change that of course). Optimizing the user experience (user engagement, touchpoints, data collection) Constantly innovating to improve the user experience Crossborder e-commerce Startup mentality, doing things together in a great team with the same focus. I really think that ecommerce (and marketing) has evolved from a functional model (direct selling) to a brand model and is now moving to an experience model. Things might overlap a little bit between these models, but this is the greater picture.  It is not only me who thinks so of course, more  and more  is written about this subject recently and it fits perfectly in line with another  book I have re

An international videomarketing strategy: tips, tricks, takeaways

Ah holiday again, finally time again for reading a lot about ecommerce, digital experience marketing and videomarketing! This time a blog post from Bangkok Don Muang airport where I am awaiting my for my AirAsia flight to Kunming, China. Waiting for my flight Yes, video's! I already liked making video's when I was age 6 or something, I can even remember making and editing video's with our Sony Handicam Video, one of the first videocamera's made for home usage. Nowadays video is very important in your (content) marketing strategy. Video is growing rapidly and there are many reasons why videos can be useful for your brand. A few reasons why video is so important: Video can boost your conversion and sales, directly but also indirectly. Video builds trust, and trust is only getting more important. Advertising alone will not give you the succes you need. In fact advertising is changing rapidly to less and higher quality. Video will help you rank better i