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Event summary: CRM in one day

This week, I visited the event " CRM in 1 Day " in the Netherlands. If you want to excel with your online or multichannel shop, a good CRM strategy is a critical factor. A lot of things were obvious, but I will share some insights and my opinion below. The presentation of the keynote speaker is available at slideshare. Social CRM: where's the money? from Clo Willaerts The keynote speaker referred to a  TED talk   from Pattie Maes. It's from a few years ago. When I watched the video, I already noticed that it is only a small step before parts of the examples given become reality. Offline and online integrate. When buying a book in a bookstore, see the reviews at your phone immediately. Project and share information everywhere. Albert-Heijn supermarkets in Holland now started a test, with scanning and paying products with your cellphone. Next step is of course to add marketing, reviews and personal advice. Just like in the  TED talk . It is importan

E-commerce - email communication after purchases

I have collected a few recent examples from online communication after some online purchases. Examples are mostly in Dutch. But I will explain the pro's and con's in English. Still I think (and I wrote about it here as well) that companies can improve their (online) communication so much more. Good communication and service goes beyond a "we recommend you" e-mail. Think about all customer touchpoints, about your vision and mission and create contact moments that in the end will give you a positive ROI and customer experience that will be shared online massively. Especially (But not limited to) the travel industry can start much more effective campaigns by better segmentation and not placing every cross and upsell possibility in these one or two confirmation mails. Be there with the right content at the right time. Not everybody will book a hotel right away if they purchased a flight ticket for 5 months away! Value for the customer, value from the customer. Ma