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Experiences on e-commerce and retail in the Philippines

I am currently traveling around the Philippines, great country, very nice people. As always I pay attention to retail and digital commerce as it is my hobby. I will describe a few experiences/pictures from what took my attention during my travel. If you are in a hurry, then just watch the video, I made on retail and commerce in the Philippines, if you are not in a hurry, read the complete post for more details: You can watch the same video at " rumble ", if you prefer that platform. Brandnames Philippines love to play around with brand names, like the pictures you see below. You can spend an entire day enjoying funny brand names if you like.    Yes, a real spabucks, SPAfoot!     And there we have Walter Mart, I guess that's has been the inspiration of the founder of Wall Mart.    "John Lemon". Where you can buy everything Lennon :)   Super apps in Asia are awesome The super apps that are used in most of SE Asia and China, also work very smoothly here. I used

Paying with Bitcoin using my umbrel node and Zeus wallet in Boracay

Paying with Bitcoin (Zeus wallet) in Boracay via Umbrel: A Guide I am currently at Boracay Island, a.k.a. Bitcoin island. A remote spot in the Philippines where  " " has managed to -currently- get over 250 vendors to accept lightning payments, an awesome achievement. Now, I am a big fan of the lightning network and Bitcoin: It corresponds with freedom (most important). It empowers small and medium enterprises. It makes it possible everyone in the world gets a "bank account". It makes cross border transactions very very cheap.c It will greatly enhance the payment user experience, because the network is open.  Competition -between wallets- will be especially on the user interface level. This creates better experiences for all. Both the monetary and the technical part are highly interesting and solves many problems and I encourage everyone to dive into that. Imagine that not only banks or large financial institutions create payment apps, but everyone can cre