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Why I believe in the lightning network as future of global payments

Why I am so enthousiastic on this user centric payment and monetary system When I lived and worked in Shanghai a few years ago, one of the things I missed a lot when returning home was the ease of payments. Everything could be done via my mobile phone in such an easy way that it soon became fun to pay something.  It made me realize this payment innovation that China had is something that boosted their economy and made it very easy for those without a bank, people who for example sell on a market stall or even homeless people to get a digital wallet to sent and receive money instantly. This all for a fraction of the costs in the Netherlands alone to get a payment infrastructure in your shop or market stall. It was made to be convenient, user-friendly and to make it easy to do business.  I like UX, I like apps, I like it when it is really made for the user, and it helps the user solving a problem or making something fun. Alipay and Wechat pay the payment providers in China, did exactly t