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Wouldn't it be nice...

Wouldn't it be nice if: used the data of my hotel reviews, informing hotel owners of future bookings I make, with things I find important? If they know from previous reviews, I find WiFi very important, give me a room next to a router. If a person don't like children that makes noise, give him a room far from family rooms (or the other way around).  I received local commercials in my own language, at spotify? I was walking in a town, abroad, while listening to my spotify playlist. But I kept on receiving Portugese commercials. It would be so much more effective, if I could receive local commercials in my own (or in the English) language. "take part in this boat excursion, say the promotion code "spotify" in our shop, here in Albufeira and receive 10% off" I could just shake my phone (or press a button), and receive discount coupons of retailers near me. It is already possible in China (alipay), I have not yet seen it in Europe. If I receive

Responsive organisation and Digital Transformation

Goodmorning! I have a few days off, so time to catch up again, lot's of reading to do. In two weeks time, I am invited for the mediapost email insider summit in Portugal! Seems like a great event and I will for sure post some interesting insights at this blog during this event. I hope to learn more about customer centricity and CRM there! But today something about organisations and especially the future of them. Take a look at this article The Future of Organisations is Responsive I think so true, the new branding is not anymore about a nice video, and some ATL branding campaigns and a nice logo. It is about being relevant, about reconnecting with your customer, being able to adapt quickly, solving problems for customers with the help of digital tooling. To be able to do so, as an organisation it is essential to optimise for uncertainty instead of certainty. Many traditional organisations keep on thinking from a traditional point of view. They do not dare to think out of