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Experiences on e-commerce and retail in Thailand

Thailand (and especially Bangkok), a great place to be with lots of retail inspiration I am now in Thailand, a great place to visit! Bangkok is one of my favorite cities, I have been here many times and I always like to be back here. An overview of the Thai retail and commerce landscape (with video) after my recent visit Retail and commerce abroad I love all the differences in retail and e-commerce between countries and continents. I read a lot about it, and I also try to experience them when visiting. During this visit to Bangkok, I decided to take some pictures and shoot some videos on Thai retail and e-commerce. Bangkok is a very inspiring city, not only for holidays, but also from a retail perspective. There are lots of unique retail concepts in the city. I skipped most of the usual night markets and focused on other retail, like e-commerce and shopping malls. If you don't like a long read, check out the video below. This blog goes more in-depth, but the video gives a quick

Customer journey Etihad Airlines

I recently flew with Etihad airlines to my great satisfaction, great airline and I do prefer it to the European legacy carriers. During traveling I constantly think about customer journeys, signposting, screens. Can't help it, it goes automatically. Also on this journey to from SPL to AUH to MNL, I thought of many small improvements, just I didn't store any screenshots or pictures. I decided to take pictures on my next journey with Etihad.   The Etihad customer journey to Bangkok in pictures Yesterday I booked another flight, again with Etihad . Different destination, so the customer journey may change a little (for example a "fit to fly certificate" is not needed), but I decided to make screenshots of all touch points until I have reached my destination. Blogger, the platform that I use for this blog, doesn't really give the tools to really display a well plotted journey map, but I guess a few screenshots can also be interesting for people also active in the