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Digital Conference Barcelona: short list of ecommerce solution vendors

Last week I visited Club Ecommerce it's Digital 1 to 1 conference in Barcelona. I had a great time! Very well organised (compliments to the organisation) and it gave me many new insights in tooling, solutions and the ecommerce in southern Europe. On the lookout for new digital tooling at Digital 1 to 1 in Barcelona The event consists of more or less 2.5 day in a conference/hotel in Barcelona. During the days there are generic sessions and presentations but also 1 to 1 sessions with potential vendors or other webshops that are open for collaboration. The 1 to 1 sessions take 25 minutes each and it looks like this: In the evening they organise a big party including a casino, DJ and quiz! I even learned some new dancing moves at this party! :) Source I did not plan to write a blogpost about the event but I do mention a few vendors in this post that I met with very interesting solutions, for easy reference in the f