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A short summary of digital marketing news

Some (international) internet and e-commerce news from the past week, including some reports and a social media monitoring checklist. Tripadvisor and Belgium hotels Belgium hotel owners hate customers The Belgium hotel federation wants to limit tripadvisor reviews. This is the other way around. Partly there is something to say about their criticism. But why don't they see the chances and opportunities the reviews can bring them? Be creative. Make sure your guests write at Tripadvisor, sent out after stay email marketing communication to remind all the guests to leave reviews, print out the reviews and put them in a guestbook at the lobby. People who are satisfied will react and negative reviews will be less in this case. But above all, make your guests feel comfortable and happy. Webinar IBM has an interesting webinar (recorded) about the changing consumer behavior. It is in English (landing page in Dutch) Social media monitoring checklist I created a social medi