Saturday, December 10, 2011

Understanding E-commerce Asia: 1

Below I have put a few interesting links about e-commerce and social media in Asia.

Article from the Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group has published a very interesting article about e-retailing in China, which is different then the US and Europe.

  • Chinese consumers don't regularly choose Google or locally favorite search engine Baidu for buying products, but start with the massive online retailer: taobao. Taobao has a 79 percent of total transaction value. For example Amazon only has 14 percent in the USA.
  • Shop in shop at trusted sites is very popular. Consumers first look at these sites, branded sites are not so important.
  • Leading Chinese payment method is Alipay. Alipay holds the money in escrow untill the goods are delivered. This differs from European and US payment methods.
  • There is a hughe potential for selling products online, that are not easily available in offline stores. This might seems strange, but there due to the hughe geographical position of China, retail stores can't simply be everywhere.
  • Mobile internet usage is growing very rapidly. Especially in non-urban area's and mobile e-commerce will grow fast.
  • China does not have one leading social network like in the US or Europe, Facebook is. There are various big networks. Like RenRen for college students, Douban for artistic people or Qzone.qq.com for for young and active adults.

Much more interesting information in this article from the Boston Consulting Group.


China and The Explosion of Social Media, in interesting interview with EuroRSCG Chief Digital officer, Andrew Knott.


Overview of social media usage in Asia Pacific with the top social networks.

Asia's digital marketing yearbook

This is asia's digital marketing yearbook. A very interesting book with a lot of graphics and facts about the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and many more, it is all covered in this yearbook. See what the main search engines are in the region, where the highest broadband penetration is, where the online money is being spent. Downloading the yearbook is free, only registration is necessary.

More information in the digital marketing yearbook

And a nice to watch TED talk about Asia's rise: how and when:

And another interesting video about understanding the rise of China.

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