Airports and Airlines Reviews

Airports and Airlines have to go hand in hand in a lot of cases, especially in this online age.

If I take a long haul flight with a stop over, I always also take a look at airport reviews. Simply because you want to know where you stay for a few hours (or if anything goes wrong, for maybe one or two days).

Therefore it still surprises me that this is not integrated in a lot of booking processes or that airports do not seem to care much about negative reviews at the web.

Let's take a look at Dubai Airport , the airport from Emirates. Emirates has a lot of stopovers at Dubai Airport.
Look at the results of the search query "Dubai Airport Review"

Good thing is that they have 122 Google Reviews (scraped from the internet). But, of course first I click, not at the airport's own website but at the one that says "customer reviews". It seems independent. If I do, I will see this:

Negative Reviews Dubai Airport 

The first few reviews are negative, and the rest of the page also consists of a lot of negative aspects. Given the fact that I rarely browse to the second pages of search results, I would be getting a negative feeling about flying with Emirates via Dubai International Airport.

I think it is important for the Airport to get into web-care and to give reactions to this negative reviews at this external website.

But besides that I think it is best if Dubai International Airport implements it's own review system (like bazaarvoice, shopzilla or other similar services) at their website. Make sure it is indexed in Google as "independent customer reviews" and react on them.

And if this is integrated somehow at "Emirates" website, I think it will help increase sales. 

For starters, maybe even a few USP's about the airport in the booking process from Emirates website will already work. It is worth testing. USP's like: easy transfer, free WiFi, quick security checks etc can be placed at the right site of the process. At least show it for new users. Users that already have booked with Emirates, already know how the airport is. But for new users this might just be the extra step to place the booking.

Suggestion to put more information about the stopover airport

Of course it is not only Emirates and Dubai Airport that have this problem. Many more airlines and airports have. Not all airports have the quality and services of Hong Kong and Singapore, but with web 3.0 it is time to act now.


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