Images I collected for use in presentations part 1

Some pictures that I used in presentations or can use in the future. Some made by myself some found on the internet.

Reviews and comments are there for a real long time! So make a good review plan and a good customer contact strategy!

Product reviews and site comments are important for your digital strategy. They remain for a long time!

E-mail marketing effectiveness

Ikea emotioncurve. The last customer contact is very important

Klantcontact in de bedrijfsprocessen

Superambassadors for your brand! Use them!

You need superambassadors for your brand in social media

Think multichannel

European search engine optimization

Give a reason to become a fan

Multichannel: offline vs online

Make complainers ambassadors

Transform online complainers into online ambassadors in your online strategy

Deliverability is an important part of direct mail but also e-mail

Deliverability email marketing

Error pages, like 404 error pages, cannot be just an image or plain text page. Make it interactive. The broadcast period is over!

Build a good 404 error page

Welcome poster when I entered a Japanese Ramen in Bangkok

Interactive twitter wall from the dutch railways
Interactive Twitter wall Dutch Railways at Utrecht Central Station (NS)

Nice example how to use a twitter wall to improve engagement, service etc. Can be used in multiple branches of course. Not only transport. 


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