Jet Blue email marketing case study: triggered emails

Marketingsherpa has a few nice email marketing case study's described.

Jet Blue started with a kind of abandoned card campaign. But unlike many others they were very careful by doing so. Good job that they identified four different drop off reasons at which they reacted by use of e-mail.

In their case:

  • Flight selection - after selecting departure and destination cities in a search for flights, the visitor was given a list of specific flights to choose from. 
  • Seat selection - after choosing flights, visitors were asked to select their seats on this screen.
  • Ancillary - this page offered additional services such as car rental and hotel rooms in the destination city.
  • Payment - this page collected the visitor's credit card information and finalized the sale. 
It was a great succes. According to MarketingSherpa, the emails generated a 1,640% increase in revenue per email delivered as compared to JetBlue's standard promotional emails. 
Strange however that I cannot find a newsletter subscribe banner at their website.

More details about the campaign can be found here at MarketingSherpa.


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