Digital Advertising part 1

I browsed the web, in search of information for the future of (display) advertising. Some ineresting links below.  

Trends (and I am very enthousiastic about that) are that creativity and content will get even more important then it already is and the user's will have much more influence at the ad's he or she see's or  even more important, shares.

But altough internet advertising, still seems fragmented with: email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, retargeting, affiliatemarketing etc. All these channels will integrate and will have influence at each other. 

The article below is not complete, there are many other forms of online advertising. But these are just some links and opinions that I found interesting.

Video advertising

It's obvious that with the rise of mobile devices and the increasing popularity of online video, advertising will go "cross channel". It's not only a banner that is displayed via an ad network it is much more integrated. And Interactive video is one of the rising stars.

In the near future google TV, Apple TV and new TV set's will be connected to the internet. This means it will be very easy to stream video content from your mobile device to your TV. Including youtube.

Now already there are many possibilities to do a youtube takeover like this example for a promotion for sochi's olympic games in 2014. It even has a (webcam) game build inside. I'll bet you don't forget after playing this game that the next olympic's are in sochi.

One of the first succesful viral's of youtube takeovers is this one: the Hunter Shoots a bear, from Tipp-Ex.
This re-branding experience (branded filtered content) while watching video is one of the solutions is making money with. They can personalize this kind of advertisement depending on users profile data, since everybody using is either connected via facebook or twitter.

Ninja's unboxing a cell phone in a youtube takeover for the Nexus S cell phone. Vimeo now has also video takeovers, like this Honda Commercial. Or take a look at this "Snickers" youtube takeover.

I think and hope in the near future, these youtube interactive movies and takeovers will increase in amount and quality. I hope they get even more interactive then just somebody who is walking out of a frame, but to make the user experience even more nice and at the same time to be able to collect data.

Also I hope that in the near future there are more possibilties for integrating real time prices in video's. Wouldn't it be great that if I watch an video from an airline about a city, I want to visit, I'll get real time prices (even maybe based on my profile) in the video? Or 3rd party sales in the same video? Would be great if I could not only book this ticket to Hong Kong via a video from Cathay Pacific, but at the same time I can also buy an octopus card from a third party seller, for example a local vendor in Hong Kong for example.
Youtube is now shifting more to advertisers, so I guess a lot of great possibilities will show up this year.

Interactive advetisements with a facebook or google + connection will increase in quality and popularity. Just because they are fun and encourage to share. Examples enough from the past year. Read more about social video watching here.

Permission based advertising

We will get into permission based marketing. This isn't a bad thing, this gives many possibilities. Already now at Google you can influence the ad's you see in Google's ad preferences. Profiling and the connection of profiling with personal data is high on the EU's list as well. I expect some changes in this field within the next few years.  Already we see the first signs of it by changing the cookie law's but also the council of europe is really active on this, they even produced a video which is available here (only in WMV download, probably because of privacy :). Interesting to follow and to keep an eye at.

Also at facebook that we can influence the ad's we see by clicking on the "x" at the right side of the advertisement. Altough not always visible the "x" is actually there when you hover over it.

In my view, if you think about it more, why don't google or facebook start with comments and ratings in advertisements. I haven't seen that so much online, but I think a great possibility. The more relevant you are, the more likes and the better position you get with your ad. I'll bet something like this will show up this year.

I photoshopped this search results page below. Now Google searches the web for reviews and ratings and sometimes integrates them in their organic search results, but why not also use it in the paid results? It will give feedback to the advertiser about his quality (and urges him to do a better job) and gives the user more trust.

Something like this:

The +1 button to easily like an advertisement.
The review possibility to comment on the ad or the service of the company.
Fictive comments and photoshopped image. 

Much more attractive then the original screenshot I think.

This is also very promising. Google is testing ad's with a pre-filled e-mail adress. No need to go to the website for subscribing to the email newsletter. I guess it's better if they have links in this advertisement to recent newsletters to maintain the quality of your e-mail list, or to have e very good confirmation e-mail with some explanation about the newsletters you are sending out. But the idea is really interesting, making ad's more easy and fun when logged in at gmail.


Cross channel advertising, I personally like very much. It is fun to make sure everything fits together and also to think of the non digital world, like printed ad's etc. Here an article with some nice cross channel campaigns examples.
Louis Vuiton's case in Japan, is also a perfectly integrated campaign including local mobile advertising.
KLM did a great job with it's repudo's campaign. by using new technology and a cross platform campaign.

Some video's and links about online advertising:

Some information about digital advertising in India. A presentation by Gurbaksh Chahal :

Steelhouse's CEO about profiling and online advertising:


Bluefin Labs connects TV advertisements with the web.


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