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Some short headlines on digital marketing news from Asia that got my attention the past few days.

Online video is increasingly popular in China. With more mobile phones and computers then TV's and skyrocketing tv advertising prices, the attention is shifting to online video.
Chinese online video market
This video from Pepsi had 100 million views in 2 weeks time!

Order and pay your mcdonalds menu in Japan via your car navigation system
Meanwhile in Japan it is now possible to order your mcdonalds menu via your car navigation system, before you arrive. You can pay via creditcard also through your navigation system. Next step is targeted ads via your car navigation system.

Also in Japan, it is no longer necessary to remember all these Japanese emoticons, just scan your face and it will be automatically be translated in the correct emoticon.

In Japan TV sets can be operated by the use of twitter hashtags.

South Korean e-commerce has reached an all time high in 2011.

China's weibo is getting popular. Even Tom Cruise now has a Weibo page. Something to watch and test. It's a twitter +. More on weibo later.

And another confirmation that social media (and related tools) is a great tool to use for after sales communication, is confirmed for Ford in India. This strategy will make it a big chance that these people's next car, will be a Ford also. The article tells more about leading social brands in India.

And Lady Kaga is welcoming you in a town called "Kaga" in Japan..

Pixiv, Japan's popular social drawing site, reached 4 million subscribers this week. 2.8 billion pageviews a month!
Ever wanted to play in a Japanese Facebook Viral? Here is your chance!


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