Email marketing AirAsia

A few days ago, I received an email from AirAsia. I like AirAsia, and I hope to fly with them soon again.
But the email I received, is in my opinion difficult to understand for the subscribers.

Apparently they changed their "sender e-mail address" and they try to improve their sender reputation and to prevent getting in their subscribers "spam folders".

In this case, the e-mail is not clear and could be improved in my opinion.

  • Why should a general subscriber of their email marketing programme care about AirAsia changing their sender e-mail address?  I think the most people that receive this e-mail do not understand a thing about email deliverability. 
  • An e-mail " sender address"  is something else then changing the "e-mail address"  as it suggests.
  • Why didn't they provide a link to a landingpage where they explain how to add this address to the "safe sender's list" for the most popular e-mail clients? This can even be done localised if they target across the globe. Most people don't understand how e-mail works.
  • There is no other incentive given. I am not motivated in the email or landingpage to add them to my safe list. I cannot update my profile for example to give my preferred airports and to receive customised offers. This would be a big motivation for me to add them to the safe list. I sure do not want to miss personalised offers!

But it is always nice to receive an e-mail from Air Asia..:) Good to see the brand again. And that's also where email marketing can be used for. Brand awareness.

The email I received from AirAsia


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