My collection of digital marketing infographics

The last few weeks, I started to collect interesting infographics and images about (international) digital marketing. My collection starts getting into shape. I am planning to make a few infographics myself also the next few weeks. My Pinterest board now has infographics about:

Traditional Marketing vs New Marketing. An infographic about the change from push to earned marketing. Of course this is changing the landscape at this moment, but in some cases traditional marketing remains valuable.

Facebook's Timeline tutorial. An infographic with some advice about how to setup your new facebook page for organisations. 

A social media triage This one can be very helpful if you try to setup a plan for your company about how to respond at social media. Every case is unique, so also needs to be treated this way. But this infographic gives some guidelines for the people that deal with the comments posted at social media in the first line. 

Sometimes explaining is so easy with an infographic. If you need to explain how affiliate marketing works, just show this infographic

If you need to know a little more about how people around the world spend their time online this infographic gives some highlights.

We all agree that customer service is important, it always was, but since the customer is getting into control and the customer's voice can make or break companies very easily nowadays, it is always good to remind yourself about keeping your customers happy.

Much more images and infographics about digital marketing at my pinterest online marketing pinboard. I will ad more the next few weeks and try to make a few myself as well. 


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