A collection of order confirmation, transactional and order shipment emails

For a project about the customer journey, I am collecting some "order confirmation e-mails, transactional e-mails and order shipment e-mails".
I decided to publish them here as well. Might be convenient for others also do get some inspiration.
These are just email examples I either received myself or found at the internet.
Most of them are quite boring. Still so many possibilities for organisations to improve the customer experience with these high open rate e-mails/contact moments.
I wonder if email stays important as a confirmation medium. We will see in 1 year from now. Social shopping or selling through wechat or whatsapp might change this all. Whatsapp for example does not even has my email adress in their settings.

Blogger (where this blog is hosted) has no advanced image view possibility, so I am sorry about that. Just click at an image and the larger size image will open.

Deal Extreme Shipping Confirmation

Deal Extreme Order confirmation Example

Superdry Order Confirmation

JetStar Pacific Pre-Flight communication

Superdry Order Despatch E-mail

AirAsia Order Confirmation

Cathay Pacific Pre-Flight Reminder

Lulu.com shipment confirmation

Napapijri e-mail order confirmation

Amazon Order Confirmation

Amazon Dispatch Confirmation

Superdry Order Dispatch e-mail

Booking.com NPS survey

Harvard Business Review Order Confirmation

Coolblue Invoice E-mail (Agent triggered)

Emirates Flight Reminder

GoDaddy Order Confirmation 

 EasyJet Order Confirmation

Purchase Protection AliExpress

Emirates Inflight Purchase

Amazon new shipping date confirmation

Ebay Confirmation

Return Instructions Coolblue 

AirBNB reservation Reminder

AirBNB confirmation

Thuisbezorgd order confirmation

Tix Order Confirmation

Zalando Order Confirmation

Gilt here, adds a promotion at their order confirmation. 

Zappos Order Confirmation, that adds trust by adding the 365 day return policy.

Coolblue Shipment Confirmation --> by the way, great company. Great service! 

Wrap Up Confirmation Coolblue

Payment Confirmation (after receiving an e-mail with a payment link to Ideal)

And this one is the one with payment link

Uber Confirmation

This Uber Example I found here (great blog)

Bol.com's order confirmation adds a very important word (in Dutch) Thank you for choosing for us "again". This small word really helps to veel valued. They recognize I shop often with them.

I am not sure, but I think this one is from Vente Prive or something simular. They are very clear in the steps before you receive your order. Managing expectations.

Otto Delivery Delay "sorry mail"

Otto Payment Processed

Easyjet NPS survey e-mail, this I got after I contacted their servicedesk.

And this resulted in this survey

And my first ride with Über in the US resulted in this community e-mail. It made me feel welcome and secure! By the way, great this Über, really easy, cheap and also you meet very nice people during your ride. Drivers are very friendly and tell you a lot about the area you ride in. I am a big fan ! To bad authorities in Europe are making Über Pop so difficult. Cheap and safe transport is better for everyone. For the users, for the economy, for the services.

And an example of an Über confirmation e-mail (automatically it switched to Dutch)

It is always nice to see what communities and platforms are trending at the other side of the globe. Take India for example. Cooliyo is a very popular community with curated content. I think a nice confirmation e-mail, after I registred which explains clearly what the platform is and does.

This is a really nice example and indicates the difference in experience between booking.com and AirBnB
I just booked an apartment via AirBnB and now I receive, from the people I rent the condo from, a personalised e-mail filled with personal experience tips for restaurants, bars etc. in the immediate surroundings of the condo. That feels welcoming! 

So this is not automated personalisation in an e-mail and it are not general tips for the whole city I will be visiting (like others do), but tips and advice in the direct surroundings of the rented apartment based at the personal experience of the apartment owners. 

That's it for now. I will add more examples in the near future.


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