Behavioral economics in online marketing

Behavioral economics is really interesting. How to use social, cognitive and emotional factors to influence economic decisions or user behaviour. 

Especially the social factors are more and more important since the web is getting "social". But also from a design and marketing point of view, this is really interesting. At this page I will collect presentations, information and I will write short articles about behavioral economics.

Dan Ariely gives a nice presentation about our decisions and how our brains work. "Behavorial economics". Interesting for developing (e-commerce) tests and promotions. Adding options that "nobody wants", can influence choices!
Dan Ariely shows this example with a test in the economist.

Adding options that nobody wants can influence choices
Removing the option nobody wants shifts the results
Watch his whole story here:

Design for conversion. Small things can have big effects:
Introduction Persuasive Technology & Behavioral Economics

Changing people's behavior by making something fun.

More nice examples of changing people's behavior by making things fun can be found here.

Enabling behavior change: To change consumers behavior's we must design motivational experiences that push, pull and ease the pathway to new habits. (Brandon Schauer, adaptive path)

Very interesting presentation (in German) about the movement from price triggered consumers to other triggers for consumers to buy:


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